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  • Summer of Rock Week 1
    Pastor Gary Lamb teaches about what happens when you run from God
  • Boardgames Week 4
    Pastor Gary Lamb closes out the Boardgames series with a message related to the game Sorry.
  • Boardgames week 3
    Pastor Gary Lamb delivers a message on the importance of caring for our bodies.
  • Boardgames week 2
    Pastor Gary Lamb preaches about ladders and chutes.
  • Boardgames week 1
    Pastor Gary Lamb kicks-off a new series with a message about Scrabble and the importance of words.
  • Stand Alone Sermon
    Gary Lamb preaches a sermon about prayer.
  • The Dash week 5
    Gary Lamb closes out the Dash series with a sermon about leaving a Godly legacy.
  • The Dash week 4
    The Dash series continues with a message from Gary Lamb on leveraging your influence.
  • The Dash week 3
    Gary Lamb delivers a sermon on learning from your past in order to make the most of your one shot at life.
  • The Dash week 2
    Pastor Gary Lamb preaches about loving completely.
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